Icon Bar Colors behavior

Discussion created by MarcoB on Jan 4, 2016
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I'm using FileMaker Pro 14 Advanced to create a new solution. I created a Icon Bar with 4 icons, and used light gray for the segment, dark gray for icon and purple when it is pressed.

There is a problem that I can't figure out why it is happening. When I hover over the Icons they shift from light gray to purple. But after I pressed a button, it becomes reddish and if I take the cursor away it becomes light gray. If I hover over it in becomes reddish again, but all other icons are purple.


You could think I didn't looked at the Appearance tab in Inspect Window, and checked the Icon Bar various styles and color states.

Belive me, I looked and there is no Reddish color there, nowhere.


I have other solution made in FMPAdv 13 and in FMPAdv 14 that don't behave like this at all.


Another problem I have in this solution is that when I use the Hide Object When and the statement is true, the object is not hide as soon as it is true, but only after I press show Next Record on FileMaker toolbar. I tried it on other solutions and it worked fine, hiding the object as soon as the statement is true.


Please, every comment is welcome.