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    Multi-Predicate relationship from multiple tabels


      I have a internal time and equipment tracking solution.  I'm a little shaky on multi-predicate relationships.

      I have tables called:





      TimeCards contains all charges to the job that day.

      Transactions will contain a rental transaction (start and end dates, equipment number, Job Number, ect.)

      Billing is a weekly reckoning of the incurred cost of the transaction and therefore needs to be reported on the time card.  This is a portal on a popup to show equipment and amount billed that week.

      I'm trying to make a relationship that relates billing to TimeCards by Date field in each (easy) and by

      TimeCards::Idf_JobNumber to Billing::ID_Billing


      TimeCards::Idf_JobNumber  =  Transactions::Idf_JobNumber

      Transactions::Idf_Billing      =  Billing::ID_Billing


      I know I could do it through portal filters but it will be used on GO over the WAN so I'm worried about speed.

      I could create Billing::Idf_JobNumber and just populate it everytime I create (by script) a new record in Billing.  Is there a better way?


      Thank you,