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Webdirect, auto login and passing script variables

Question asked by EricBrown on Jan 5, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2017 by ChristofferRexen_1

I've been testing FM Server 14 using FM Pro Adv 13, trying to pass script variables from a WebDirect connection and then use those variables in the starting script to re-login. The solution I'm loading is linked to other solutions that supply various values. Here are some of the settings I was trying:


File Options (initially loaded solution) :

  Log in using  Acct & PW (same Acct & PW info stored in connected files)

  Switch to Layout: off

  Script Triggers: OnFirstWindowOpen perform Script "Opening"


Sharing (initially loaded solution & connected files):

WebDirect: All Users


URL to open WebDirect:

http://<IP Address>/fmi/webd#<dbase name>?script=Opening&$login=<account name>&$password=<accountpassword>



1. When I set file to login using acct & pw, WebDirect ignores the file option to login using acct & pw and I'm forced to manually login. When I go to the WebDirect selection screen and select the dbase and log in manually with a user/pw all related files open correctly.

    Could this be a problem with the linked file not using same default login?

2. The script set to run at "OnFirstWindowOpen" in File Options does not run

3. URL script variables are not passed to solution.

    As part of my testing I tried to set field value in global fields in the "Opening" script, but got nothing.


When I use the URL link, the dbase loads and I'm repeatedly asked to log into the primary file and the connected file, I'm guessing the first login is when the session is initiated and then the 2nd is when the script starts to run. When I manually go to my WebDirect splash layout, the globals I set up show no value.


The reason for this is to be able to provide clients with a URL link to open the database, auto-login using a generic account and then in the "Opening" script, capture the script values, and if they're using WebDirect it uses the values to perform Re-Login script function. If they are not logged in via WebDirect, they can login manually.


Any thoughts? ideas? input would be greatly appreciated. I did some research on using PHP to capture the script values from the URL, but am not comfortable in my skill lvl with PHP to initiate this.