Oracle 12c ESS connection invalidrowid error

Discussion created by CS8 on Jan 5, 2016
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A client has recently upgraded their Oracle database systems from Oracle RDBMS 11g to version 12c.

After the update, ESS connections from FileMaker Server, using the old 11g driver, became a lot slower. No changes were made to the FileMaker solutions before or after the upgrade of the Oracle backend.


When we tested ESS with the Oracle 12c ODBC driver for Windows, performance returned to what it used to be but we are now getting Oracle invalid rowid error messages, whenever we try to update or insert records from within FileMaker.


We have been working with an Oracle specialist on this issue and by looking at the trace SQL statements FileMaker generates, it seems at one point, when FileMaker tries to retrieve the record id that Oracle just created, it will try to run a SELECT statement with a truncated rowid.


Thinking the issue might be related to some special configurations on the Oracle backend, we installed a vanilla Oracle 12c Enterprise, created one simple table with two fields, connected through ESS and sure enough all inserts and updates fail when using the Oracle 12c windows driver.


The Actual Tech driver for Oracle under Mac OS X does not exhibit this problem. We are not 100% sure whether it's an Oracle driver problem or a FileMaker ESS product issue. From what I gather the Oracle 12c driver for Windows is supported by FileMaker Server 14 as mentioned here: Which ODBC data sources/drivers are supported with External SQL Data Sources? | FileMaker


Note: there seems to be a discrepancy with the driver version stated on the FileMaker website and the one published by Oracle at the moment as we couldn't find any Oracle driver on the Oracle website.


As mentioned, I have a dump of the Oracle trace log showing the truncated rowid problem and can send it if needed.


System configuration:


Windows Server 2012 R2

FileMaker Server 14

FileMaker Pro 14 client

Oracle 12c Enterprise

Oracle 12c ODBC driver