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    Wrong Search Results




      I am using a Filemaker 14 database. I am doing a search with two criteria in two related tables. The search result includes records which do not match one of the criteria.


      I have tried already:

      - re-indexing the table;

      - exporting all records and re-importing them;

      - saving a compressed copy of the database;

      - rebuilding the database;


      Thank you for your help!



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          I've noticed this a number of times too, and every time it includes the same items in common:


          1. Unstored calculation field

          2. Which references a grandchild table


          Something about that grandchild table reference kills it.  I find the same thing for calcs on the layout when a grandchild is referenced...


          Consider how to arrange things to remove the grandchild reference (after confirming that it is, of course)

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            Thank's for your help!


            You are right. The related fields are calculation fields. So I've changed them to text fields and rebuild the database: same wrong result, even if there are no other tables related to the two tables involved.