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    Paste in Place


      A simple Paste in Place function for Layouts would be a huge time saver!   (Unless I'm mistaken and there is actually a hidden way to do this!)

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          I lament the loss of being able to click in Layout Mode and having the paste respect that. I lament the duplicate using offset and then pushing the length of the layout down (by dialog). There are several copy/paste and duplicate functions that I'd like to see improved. However... I suppose there needs to be much discussion on *exactly* what we mean.


          1.  if I copy in one layout, do I want to have it paste into the SAME position (top, left) on another layout?


          2. If if click on a second layout (after copy) do I want it to respect the click position? and if so, do i want it to be the top-left for the paste or center-middle for the paste or ???


          3. If I copy on a form view layout and paste on a list view layout, what happens?


          4. If I duplicate an object that has bottom value equal to height of part, do I want it to offset only to the right?


          5. ???


          good idea, let's flesh it out! And instead of in Community Feedback, you might consider moving this thread to Ideas or just to Discussions, to get assistance.


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            For starters, there should be two distinct commands (with two different key shortcuts), just as in Adobe apps.


            - Paste (command v):   Standard Paste

            - Paste in Place (command/shift v):  "Remembers" top/bottom location from previous Paste or Paste in Place routine.

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              This really belongs in Product Ideas, but because this content is a "discussion" and not an "idea", I can't move it there. I'm going to move it to Discussions, where at least it will get more attention. But I recommend adding a Product Idea on this topic as well (assuming it hasn't been proposed before). Cheers -- Mark

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                I have found that if I copy elements (while in layout mode), switch to browse, and then paste, elements paste in place. It also worked if I was working with a tab control and pasted into a different tab.

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