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A month from today?

Question asked by disabled_morkus on Jan 5, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2016 by disabled_morkus

Is there an intelligent way to have FileMaker tell me what one month from today is?


If the $renewDate is 1/31/16 and I issue this FMP command:


Date( Month ($renewDate) +1 ; Day($renewDate ) ; Year ($renewDate ) )


FM gives me: 3/2/16.


Not what I want.


I really want: Date( Month($renewDate + 1) ; ; ) to be 2/28/16, but this syntax does not work.




I did a workaround to get the right answer, but the basic issue is I don't know the function, if FM has one, that will just add one month to the current date.


In other environments, this calculation would be 2/28/16, which IS what I want, not 3/2/16.


Maybe I'm missing a FM function???


Thanks in advance,


- m