FileMaker Upload Bug: Can not close & upload files

Discussion created by scottworld on Jan 5, 2016
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Hi there,


I've stumbled upon an obscure bug in FileMaker Pro Advanced 14.0.4 and 13.0.9 on OS X 10.10.5. This bug probably won't affect too many people, so I wonder if FileMaker will even worry about fixing it or not.


I have always successfully uploaded hundreds of FileMaker files to their respective FileMaker Servers over the last few years. But now, FileMaker is failing on a set of 13 FileMaker files. I have a set of 13 FileMaker files which FileMaker absolutely refuses to upload to ANY FileMaker Server. It doesn't even get to the stage where it asks me what FileMaker Server I want to upload to. It just instantly returns an error message to me that says:


As soon as I pull choose the menu command "FileMaker Pro Advanced > Sharing > Upload to FileMaker Server...", FileMaker Pro asks me if I'm sure that I want to proceed b/c it's about to close the file. As soon as I confirm, FileMaker immediately returns an error message to me that says:


"The file could not be closed and uploaded." (Please see the attached screenshot of this error message.)


It doesn't even get to the stage where it asks me what FileMaker Server I want to upload to.


I believe that I may have figured out what the problem is. After I get that error message, I notice that the file is actually HIDDEN instead of CLOSED. And that seems to be the problem: the file isn't closing... it's actually getting hidden. These 13 files are extremely old files -- they were originally created in FileMaker 5.0 when each file could only contain one table. So, all these 13 files end up AUTOMATICALLY opening each other up for dependencies like related value lists, portals, line items, etc. So, as soon as FileMaker tries to close this file, one of the other open files seems to re-open that file in the background as a hidden file. Even if I have all 13 files ALREADY HIDDEN TO BEGIN WITH and just unhide ONE of the files, it still won't let me upload that file.


So, for now, I'm just going to manually place these files on the FileMaker Server. But it seems like this is some sort of a problem when dealing with old/legacy files which all automatically open each other up for their dependencies.