Window unfreezes and slider displayed as ugly ellipse

Discussion created by mrwatson-gbs on Jan 5, 2016
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Many of our scripts follow this pattern:

  1. They freeze the window
  2. Go to a neutral layout
  3. Perform some operations there
  4. Maybe show a dialog or (MBS-Plugin) Menu
  5. and return to the original layout


Our neutral layouts normally look like this:


Ellipse - normal layout.png

…but of course they do not usually appear at all in the middle of a script, because the window is frozen!


In FileMaker 14 (and 13, if I remember correctly) we have had the problem that the frozen window does not hold properly, and the layout HALF renders, with a very strange ugly ellipse (here to be seen while an MBS-menu is being displayed):


Ellipse - unfixed layout.png


After some research I discovered that the ellipse is in fact an inactive slider dot!


Ellipse - explanation.png


This rather ugly ellipse can be seen every now and again for a fleeting moment as various scripts do their thing.


We have sadly not yet been able to identify under exactly what circumstances this "ellipse-problem” occurs - but it seems to be an undesired half-hearted window rendering which is occurring when it shouldn't.


Seeing as we have 484 of these layouts we are not currently inclined to redesign all of them without sliders, so we would be grateful if FMI / anybody can help identify the cause and help remove the bug.


Thanking you, as ever




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