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FMGo 14 Loop To Keep Camera Active?

Question asked by danhmill on Jan 5, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2016 by danhmill

I have a class attendance solution that I've been running on with the help of FMGo 13 for some time. The solution uses a bluetooth barcode scanner and an iOS device to scan a student id and track attendance etc. The bluetooth connection to the iOS device has proven the weakest link in that it occasionally drops and requires re-pairing. While not rocket science to re-pair the scanner it's not ideal for the end user. With the advent of FMGo 14 one can now utilize the onboard iOS camera for scanning, however, I'm having difficulty creating a loop to keep the camera active. I would like the camera to scan and stay active so the user does not have to "activate" the camera with each scan. Anyone out there with any thoughts or experience with creating such a loop function for the FMGo 14/iOS camera feature?