create button script with partial link

Discussion created by dinoeverett on Jan 5, 2016
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    I am using Filemaker 12 and need to create a button that will allow users to click and then go straight to a pdf. My issue is that the University that I work for changes servers from time to time (which is what prompted this) and moving forward I want to be able to only have to change the script, rather than go back and individually change every link to each pdf.....

My thought was that if I could create a script that would be a link to (the server) f:01367/    + everything in field a or the information that will never change (ie"Notebooks/generalinquiry.pdf")

I would be protected from future moves as everything in the folder Notebooks would remain the same, and only the beginning part would change....  Forgive me if this is confusing as I am not really a programmer.