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PDF in container field won't open in FM 14 - new problem

Question asked by janet.wright on Jan 6, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2018 by mramsay21104

This issue is a little different from others with FM 14's pdfs in container fields.


I have a layout with a container field in which I insert pdf's (just the reference, not the file) so that the pdf icon shows in the field.  In FM 11 Pro, when I would double-click on the pdf icon, the file would open in whatever was my default pdf reader.  This worked perfectly whether the reader was Adobe Reader, PDF Expert, or Preview, no problem.


Since I upgraded to FM 14 Pro, all the old pdfs open perfectly well, no matter which pdf reader is the default; but if I double-click on the icon for any NEW pdfs that are inserted since the upgrade, they don't do anything.  There's no point in having them there.


If FM 14 Pro can handle the old pdfs, why can't it handle newly inserted ones as well?


Specifics:  Mac OS El Capitan, Adobe Pro X, Adobe Reader DC, Filemaker 14 Pro.  Thanks!