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    Simple Portal - Help needed


      Hi folks,


      I am new here and I am also relatively new to filemaker.  So apologies to start.  I am trying to make a simple portal that allows me to log notes for clients.  So put simply, if my main table is client information and then i have a child table for notes.  I want those notes to be viewed, added to, and deleted from a portal.  There are examples with filemaker, but they seem to use global variables and scripts to creating an index for the relationship.  I am looking for the simplest way to create this child table, and index it from a client ID number.  Should be simple, and I don't want to overcomplicate things.


      thanks for any tips, suggestions, etc.



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          I would think simplest, but not necessarily the best would be to create a relationship between Client & Notes..

          Client::__pkID  //primary key in Client to Client::_fkID //foreign key in notes.

          Allow creation of records on the child side.  Then when you go into a portal row, the new record will be created with the right relationship