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Extend Found Set

Question asked by on Jan 5, 2016
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I have a database snag.  It is a simple relationship between companies and company types.


Based on the selection of "company type", a value list is dynamically generated of only, say, "Manufacturers".  (Acme, Widgets, and Sprockets)


I need to have different layout for each Company Type.


So in the layout here for "Manufactuers", you can see the value list correctly populates the <company_SEARCH> field with 3 values.


What I need my script to do is go to the selection in <company_SEARCH>, but then extend the found set to include the rest of the "manufacturers", BUT not lose the "place" of the selection.

So if the user selects "company-1002 Widgets",


The layout will show that record, with ALL AND ONLY the other manufacturers available for clicking back and forth to.


I'm adding a mock up of the database.