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    DotNetNuke Error


      I now have a 2nd customer that is getting a DotNetNuke Error inside a webviewer that is inside a popover.


      This is on a Windows 10 computer.


      The error just started, so I am guessing it is a windows or other update that is creating this.


      Any insight?




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          This sounds like a problem between dotnetnuke and the windows browser. Have you tried using the regular browser and see if the webpage works without it?


          If I remember correctly isn't DotNetNuke a CMS system?


          Its all I can think of. I'm not certain which browser powers FileMakers webviewer in Windows 10. Its probably edge, but I can't say for certain.

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            I get the message when I open the page in internet explorer, but NOT when I open it in the Edge browser.  FileMaker uses IE on windows, I am not aware that this can be changed.



            Customer1: I cleared the cache and the page now works in IE and FileMaker

            Customer2: I cleared the cache and the page worked in IE but still shows the error in FileMaker

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              It can't.  The webviewer is not a full-fledged browser either so some things just don't work.

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                This page has always worked.  The error page just started for a couple customers.  I was able to fix one by clearing the cache.  The other this resolved it in IE but not in FileMaker