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    How do I preslug an answer document?


      I am a teacher, and I would like to use Filemaker to preslug answer documents (like a ScanTron form) for tests and competitions. For example, if the first number of a student ID is "1" [ in a calc field where IDpos1 = Left ( ID ; 1 ) ], I want a small rectangular shape (W:15pt, H:4pt, no line, solid black fill) to appear on the layout at Left: 43.5pt, Top:91.5pt to "bubble in" the corresponding rectangle.  However, if the first number of the student ID is "8", I would want the rectangular shape to appear on the layout at Left: 43.5pt, Top: 171.5pt. to fill in its corresponding rectangle


      Is there a way to place such objects to a layout conditionally based on the data in the record?


      I think I could almost figure a solution with a Value List and either a Checkbox set or Radio buttons set, except that I can't (or don't know how to) control the dimensions, fill, or spacing of those field behaviors with the precision I need in order to match the layout of the printed form.


      Any help is appreciated.

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          Couple of methods:


          1) Use container fields containing the graphic you want. They can be calculated container fields, if you like, or just set them via script.


          2) Use the Hide Object When feature in the Inspector to hide the slugs (never heard that before) when they shouldn't show up. Put one in every position with a different Hide calculation (as appropriate).


          I would tend towards the second option, since it's less complicated, but if you wanted to make it more dynamic so you can update the graphic objects (like with different colors, for example), then the container fields may work better.





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            Thanks, Mike!


            Option 2 is exactly what I was looking for! Very simple!


            I had given the option of putting graphics in a container field some thought, but just wasn't ready to try it without seeking guidance first.