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Strange result in Constrain Found Set

Question asked by kashaev on Jan 6, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2016 by DanielShanahan

I have a project database related to equipment items by the project number.  From within a project (where I'm viewing the equipment Items) I have a print function allowing the user to select with a radio button "Y" or "N" to include the equipment items in the report.  It has been working for literally years without an issue until yesterday.  When going to the items list layout to select the "Y" or "N" everything seems to function fine. my reset scripts work without a problem to turn all items either "N" or "Y".  You can make your selections and continue to print the report and the report prints fine...all of the items you have selected print.  The issue is that it also prints one extra item from the project...which item seems random from project to project...but is always the SAME item from that project.  It is not as easy as the first or last item from the project, and it does not happen on every project. 


I'm using a script with the "Constrain" function and the criteria for the constrain is if the equipment has a "Y" in the printing field. (see attached screen shot)


Any thoughts?

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 9.57.22 AM.png