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Portal Not Pulling Data

Question asked by njudson6 on Jan 6, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2016 by njudson6

I have two Portals on my "Dashboard Layout" - In House Jobs Portal & Outsourced Jobs Portal.


I want the portals to pull all the records that each layout has. My relationships are as follows:


Layout (Field)

Client Layout (Company Name) = In House Jobs (Company Name) X Dashboard (In House Company Name)

Client Layout (Company Name) = Outsourced Jobs (Company Name) X Dashboard (Outsourced Company Name)


It is pulling the In House Jobs over perfectly but not the Outsourced. If a company has just an In house Job I see it, if they have and In House Job and an Outsourced Job I see both of them, BUT if they only have an Outsourced Job I don't see it in the portal.


Any help would be appreciated.