Storage Visions Conference 2016:  NVDIMM

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This is a conference that was just held in Las Vegas June 4th and 5th, 2015.  It does not directly have anything to do with FileMaker.  But it is all about the future of data storage.  Being that data storage performance is usually the biggest bottleneck in FileMaker performance, this piqued my interest.  Most of discussions are apparently at a high technical level and probably over my head, but I did find one simplified summary of the conference that gives some ideas of what is coming.  Of particular note is NVDIMM storage (combines RAM with SSD storage) with promises of storage to be about 1000 times faster than SSD and storage that is hundreds of times bigger than an SSD, including built in encryption for storage at rest.  Now that sounds like a way to make my FM solutions fly and be secure!  But don't look for this until around 2017. 


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