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Who is logged in (External Accounts)

Question asked by bvondeylen on Jan 6, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2016 by sreese

I am developing a database for our school district and the database needs to keep track of data for individuals. So I need to know who has logged in.


We tie our databases to Active Directory with external accounts.


My problem is people can log in with either a Short Name or a Full Name, and FileMaker (by default on the Mac) enters a Full Name, while on an iPad or iPhone or web interface, the name field is empty and people enter their short name.


So, when I attempt to capture Get (UserName), the contents could differ depending upon how people log in.


For example, I could log in as Bryan VonDeylen or bvondeylen and successfully authenticate against AD, yet Get (UserName) would tell me I am two different people.


How can I setup a database so that I can log in as either Bryan VonDeylen or bvondeylen and get at MY records (and not other people's records)?