inactive custom record privileges prevent deletion of fields from table

Discussion created by itd on Jan 6, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2016 by TSGal

Product and version: FMPA 14.0.4

OS and version: Win7 Pro x64


When changing a custom record privilege from "limited..." to a simpler setting, such as "yes", the calculation entered when previously selecting "limited" is NOT deleted. When trying to delete a field referenced in this inactivated custom record privilege calculation you may not do so.


How to replicate:

Imagine the following situation:

You created a table "People" and two fields "name" and "privileges".


You defined a privilege set "MyPrivSet".

At one point you defined a custom record privilege e.g. for the action "Delete" for the field "name" using some calculation containing the field "privileges". This is shown as "limited..." in the list of custom record privileges (as a part of the privilege set "MyPrivSet").


Later on you changed this custom record privilege from "limited..." to "yes".

And now you're trying to delete the field "privileges".


FileMaker will prevent you from deleting the field "privileges" claiming that

"privileges" cannot be deleted because it is used by the privilege "MyPrivSet".


This is of course completely wrong! You have changed the custom record privilege from "limited..." to "yes".


What happened?

Well... If you go back to the custom record privilege of the field "name" and switch it back from "yes" to "limited..." again, you will see, that your previous calculation is still available. Hence, FileMaker did NOT delete your "limited.." custom record privilege (probably it just deactivated it). When trying to delete the field mentioned in the privilege calculation ("privileges" in my example), the inactive, irrelevant calculation prevents the field from being deleted.


This is VERY unfortunate!

I have a number of privilege sets with hundreds of settings that I now have to go through to eliminate such deprecated settings, so that I can remove a few obsolete fields.



Re-visit all custom record privilege settings, temporarily activate "limited.." and check if there's still a calcuation in it.

Remove the calculation and click okay.

The custom record privilege is then completely removed ("-"). You can then set your simpler custom record privilege (e.g. "yes").


Please, fix this behaviour. Thank you.