Container External Storage Overwrite

Discussion created by jetalmage on Jan 6, 2016
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In a parts catalog solution, it is not unusual for the same exploded illustration to be used on multiple page records. After changing the container fields involved to take advantage of external storage (open), FileMaker now automatically appends serial numbers  ("_1", etc.) to the file names where they are stored, rather than overwriting the existing file of the same name.


Searching for an answer to this, I ran across articles on using External Storage, on web sites of two different FileMaker developers. One says:


"If you insert two files of the same name, the previously stored file will be overwritten."


Another says:


"If you import two files with the same file name then Filemaker will automatically add serial numbers to it to avoid overwriting matching files."


How can I control this behavior? I need FileMaker to not auto-append the serial number to the externally stored images, but instead overwrite any existing file of the same name (just as FileMaker does when I export PDFs, for example).