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    Value List Search Function


      I'll try to give some background on this before I explain the problem so it won't be as confusing.


      In our business we use a FileMaker solution we created. This system has different tables for tickets (we scale dump trucks for a rock quarry and these tickets contain all our billing information), jobs, customers, trucks. On the ticket table, we will type in the designated truck number (this is linked to the truck table where the tare weight, truck info, etc. is stored) and we have a drop down list (value list) for the designated job numbers (linked to the job table, as you probably guessed, which contains the job information and the customer paying for the job for billing purposes).


      We just upgraded to FileMaker 14 this week and we have discovered a problem that we didn't have with 12 & 13. The value list for the job number drop down is set to contain job numbers as the first field and job names as the second field and is sorted by the second field. The problem is that before we upgraded, we could click the arrow to open the job number drop down list and begin typing the job name it would move down and highlight the closest thing to what we types (if we typed "b" it would jump to the bs). Now, it is not doing that at all. We can do this type ahead search by job number and it will bring that up in the list now, but not by job name. We have checked and all our settings are the same, so we are not sure what has happened.

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          I have the very same issue, I have been using this system since 1989 v 3 it has worked great all these years.  However, I just went to V14 and the same value feature won't work in mine either.  We are a contractor therefore our value list contains Value 1 Project Number Value 2 Project Name, version 12 when you typed it would narrow in by letter.  Now if you type it will only affect Value 1 (I happen to have 2 instances where my project number is alpha).


          Did you every find a solution or did you have to do a work-around?


          One interesting experiment was that I created a new DB with v14.  The value list wouldn't even work.


          However, i have spent time on the phone with FM and emailing files and they say they do not have a problem.  Yet when they email me a file it doesn't work.  typing a letter in value with with their test still doesn't work it beeps!!


          Please feel free to email me,