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Integrating with jumpcloud LDAP for authentication?

Question asked by tkessler45 on Jan 6, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2017 by wimdecorte

Hi folks,


My organization uses JumpCloud's hosted LDAP services for authentication, and I am curious if anyone has experience with implementing this with FileMaker so that groups and tags in JumpCloud can be used with FileMaker (currently using FMPA 14 and FMS 14)? My understanding is that I'd have to use Apple's Directory Utility on the FMS system to bind to the LDAP service to make searching the LDAP available on a system level. I would then enter a desired LDAP group as a FileMaker account, and leave authenticating users in this group up to the system.


Is there any other way to get LDAP-based authentication working with FileMaker? I have installed OS X Server on my FMS system, and set up Open Directory. In here I can create groups and accounts and have them authenticate properly, but binding JumpCloud does not seem to work. This may be a JumpCloud-based issue, but I'm hoping someone has had a successful experience with this service and can point me in the right direction.