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Create records based on multiple tab values in popover.

Question asked by jp98 on Jan 6, 2016

I have a set of tabs inside the window items layout in the Window Items Copy.fmp12 - Google Drive.

when I click the plus popover button, I want it to generate a new record in the products layout and fill out all the fields based on the active tabs and the extra description field based on the last edit box field at the bottom of the tabs. can someone help me do this as I have tried a few different scripts and have had no success. once the record has been created in the products layout/table, I also want it to generate a record in the window item table based on the linked itemid field and the autoenter calculation that is setup on the description field.

this is probably all very confusing but I would be glad of any help you can offer.


i will be also putting a button in the last stacked tab by the comments edit box to trigger the script that will run this


It needs to be able to do the same as this Trying to make new record in a different table/layout when opening as well as getting the open tab values and inserting them into the newly created record.


Window Item Database Copy