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Quotation to Invoices relationship - Joined table needed?

Question asked by buddles1 on Jan 7, 2016
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I am new to FileMaker and I could do with some help please :-)


I am trying to write a database which involves quotations being sent and most (Hopefully) being turned into jobs and then invoices.


I can't quite get my head around the relationship side of things!


I am thinking:


Table:     Quotation

               QUOTEID pk

               CUSTOMERID fk

               SUPPLIERID fk    

               PRODUCTSID fk


Table:     Quotation Details

               QUOTEDETAILID pk

               QUOTEID fk

               CUSTOMERID fk           


Table:     Invoice

               INVOICEID pk

               CUSTOMERID fk

               SUPPLIERID fk    

               PRODUCTSID fk

Table       Invoice Details

               INVOICEDETAILID pk

               INVOICEID fk

               CUSTOMERID fk


Obviously adding more fields to both the quotation and invoice tables.


All tables with a one to many relationship.


Layout governed by a status combo box: quotation/active job/invoice and buttons to become visible (run by script) dependent on which status is selected to turn the quotation into an invoice (different layout) etc. So the user would create the quote, customer accepts, quote now becomes an active job (which would print a scope of works without prices for the employees) job completed, invoice.


I am thinking down the right lines?


Many thanks for your help and time x