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FileMaker WebDirect not working on PCs

Question asked by KatrinaRolfe_1 on Jan 6, 2016
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I'm very much hoping for some assistance with a problem I am facing with FileMaker WebDirect. Within our company there are two Mac computers with FileMaker Pro 13 installed. One of these computers is mine and the other is a spare. I have learnt to build databases and manage everything FileMaker-related within the company.


The rest of the company staff access FileMaker via Web Direct to enter data and keep records. Apart from three Mac computers, the rest of the company are PCs.


Late last year (before our maintenance expired, which we did not renew), I received a link to download FileMaker Pro 14 and Server 14. Only the Server update was installed as the link I had received for FileMaker Pro 14 didn't work. Unfortunately I didn't get enough time to properly follow up on what the issue with the link was and missed my chance to have it resolved before the maintenance expired. I had lodged the issue with FileMaker and they assured me the link would be resent when it was fixed. But they never did.

In the meantime, the Server was updated to version 14 and I'm still running FileMaker Pro 13 on my computer.


Long story short, since updating the Server to the newest version, none of the PC users have been able to access the databases properly. They can access the Web Direct login screen and login successfully. However after a few moments of navigating through the databases, the spinning wheel appears and the page never loads again. It just stays on the spinning wheel and the user is basically shut out of the database.


I've had our IT provider look into the problem, with no success. So now I'm left wondering two things:


1. Is it a compatibility issue and should I try to upgrade FileMaker Pro to version 14 to rectify the problem, or

2. Regardless of which version of FileMaker Pro I am running on my computer (to build and manage the databases), is this issue because Web Direct is not after all compatible with PCs (despite FileMaker claiming it does work)?


For months we've tried different browsers on the PCs and nothing works. FileMaker Web Direct only works correctly on the Mac computers (personally I use Safari as I find it fastest for Web Direct) and none of the 20+ PCs in the company.


It's very frustrating and I would really like to know how I can possibly fix it.


Thanks for any help.