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Portal problem

Question asked by seagoose1 on Jan 7, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2016 by Extensitech

I'm new to database building.  Am having a problem whereby my portal doesn't appear to be working.  Not sure why.

Basically, the first entry from a related table shows up, but none of the ones to come after.


For e.g.,  I have a Survey layout with among others "Date"and "Survey_ID" fields.  I then have a Survey_participant layout where I inserted a portal to log the related Date and Survey_ID fields from the Survey layout if a Survey_participant is logged.  So basically for each Survey_Participant I want a running list of occurrences in the Survey layout sorted by date and survey_ID.  BUT only the first entry (data from the first time I fill out a Survey) will show up and none of the ones entered after (i.e. additional Dates and Survey_IDs).  Any tips/advice?


thank you!