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    Vertical portal / lists


      Hi all

      I'm considering using FileMaker Pro for a forecasting tool I'm working on. I need to display data in the layout shown below. Its basically like a portal but with a record displayed vertically instead of horizontally. Does anyone have experience with something similar and could recommend a good approach? Its easy to set up in Excel or Numbers, but I would like to use FMP if I can make it work.


                               Month 1         Month 2     Month 3     ...

      Field desc 1   |  data1-1          data2-1     data3-1

      Field desc 2   |  data1-2          data2-2     data3-2

      Field desc 3   |  data1-3          data2-3     data3-3


      Thanks in advance!

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          You can probably profit from repeating fields, but I guess we need to know more about the real dimensions of the matrix you're trying to render and about the real data you need to represent.

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            Thanks siplus

            The Months will be a continuous set, so 12 per year but the data will continue to grow, hence I was planning to create a table with fields:

            1. Month Name

            2. Field 1

            3. Field 2 etc.


            If I created the data in the spreadsheet equivalent, I'd need a field for each month, and the number of fields would grow with time which is not good design I believe.


            I could probably create the layout with say 12 months displayed, where the user sets the start and end month.


            Could you please elaborate on what you mean by repeating fields?