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Script only creates records when debugger on, otherwise fails

Question asked by DavidTinoco on Jan 7, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2016 by fitch

I have 3 tables


Inventory [located in another file, imported via relationship view]




There is a button on the inventory list view layout, to add stock to an inventory item.


The script linked to this button is very simple; it just opens a dialog, goes to the lots layout, and then pauses. The user enters the information about the product lot and clicks submit. The script unpauses, commits the records, goes to the drums layout and creates as many drums as was specified in the lots table field for this [using variables, saved just before the layout is changed to the drums layout].


When I step-by-step go through the script using the script debugger it works perfectly. But when I turn off the script debugger, it goes through all the motions but doesn't create any records.


I am totally stumped and do not understand why this is happening. Again, when I use the script debugger, it creates all the records, but I just turn off the debugger and the dialog will appear, but when I click the button to unpause the script, it closes and then no new records are created.


Could this be a refresh issue? I tried however using the refresh script step and it doesn't help. I did this thinking it maybe had something to do with the imported table.