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    FM 14 - Script Parameter can't be implemented


      I am using the Assets module as a basis for implementing 'drag n drop' file storage in my Membership app.


      Problem:  What works in the Assets does not work in Membership.   I get a 'table missing' error.  This is perplexing because Assets has fields based on Assets and I have duplicated the necessary fields in my Memberships table....?




      I also notice that I can't drag n drop so I looked at the Assets trigger and the Membership trigger scripts:







      The OnObjectModify script triggers are:






      Therein seems to lie the problem.  The Assets ONObjectMODIFY script has a "Get Script Parameter" function and my Members ONObjectMODIFY script does not.    So, I look at the scripts:






      So, "Why does Assets script:: Trigger|Drag Picture contain a Get Script Parameter value and

      Membership does not? 

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          Couple of things.


          1. The blue bar that says "Trigger | Drag Picture [Get Script Parameter]" is the script name. It is just the name.

          2. The blue bar that says "Trigger | Drag Picture Copy" is a copy of that script that you've modified. Again, it's just the script name.


          Do you have FM Advanced? If so, use the Data Viewer as you debug the script. See what the value for "Assets::Selected File" is, and later, see what the value for "Members::Selected File" is after those steps run.


          For the Drag Picture Copy trigger, you are passing the parameter "GetFieldName ( Members::File 1 Container )". That will simply pass a text value equal to the name of the field you reference, which will give you a text value of "File 1 Container". If that's what you're after, okay. Otherwise, you may need to use GetField instead of GetFieldName.