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    Beep at set times every weekday


      hello all.


      can someone help me to create a solution that will play a .mp3 or .wav sound file at set times every day. the purpose is for a workshop buzzer that sounds at smoko, lunch end of the day etc. how is this best way to go about it. I have tried using get(current time) without any success so I would be glad of the suggestions of others.



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          If you want to do something at a set time then use the "Install on Timer" script step to repetitively call a script.

          In the script that it calls test if you are close enough to the right time to perform your action.

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            the time needs to be pretty exact though - (within 1 minute) and how would it know when to start the first buzz after opening the file?

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              Install OnTimer just calls a script repetitively at a set interval. The interval is in seconds, so within a minute is fine!  Use the files OnFirstWindowOpen script trigger to call a script that calls the Install OnTimer script step.

              So your steps are

              1) Write a script called Check for buzz that checks the time with get(currenttime) and if the time is in the right range then Buzz

              2) Write a script called OnOpen with the script step Install OnTimer(Check for buzz) with a small interval

              3) Go to File Options, add a script trigger for on first window open to call the OnOpen script.



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                won't the check for buzz script use heaps of processor power and show the timer mouse thing. when i first tried to do it i was using the same thing with a loop so that it looped and checked again if the current time didn't match up the first time. this however made my computer go slow and showed the timer mouse.

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                  Why ask questions instead of trying it?

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                    Don't loop during your check for buzz script - just check for a buzz.  Install OnTimer will call the script at the specified interval that you set.

                    Install OnTimer doesn't tax resources.

                    Install OnTimer will actually do something with Filemaker when it runs, so if you are using this on a computer that is used for data-entry then it has the potential to be annoying depending on the script steps that it runs.

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                      use the right tool for the right job is my advice.


                      Check out this:



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                        Another solution - use iCal or Windows Scheduler to play the sound, no need to open/use FileMaker

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                          +1 to siplus and nicolai, use any other means to 'schedule' besides IN FM (including OnTimer).



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                            thanks everyone.


                            i was considering using ontimer but from what i read about it i didn't think it would be suitable so i was trying an alternative. however, i have done a few more searches to see the best way to play a sound from command prompt or script and have used a batch file (with this command "powershell -c (New-Object Media.SoundPlayer "C:\Windows\Media\notify.wav").PlaySync();") with windows scheduler and multiple triggers during the day which repeat daily so i will see how it works (i don't see why it shouldn't).


                            thanks again for your help everyone and although i was hoping to integrate it with filemaker so that it could be sent out as a solution and could be used in different workplaces and each workplace could easily edit their scheduled times and turn the buzzer on/off easily, i think this will be a more stable option short term.


                            i have still got plans to make a simplish script to do this within filemaker and if i get around to it i will post it back here.

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                              When you post a question, your own posts are comments, not answers. Marking a post of your own as the answer sucks, at least in my opinion. You can mark the whole shitaree as resolved and leave it like that, but please refrain from "correct answering yourself".

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                                I'm glad we could help find the answer yourself! Sometimes we don't know what we need to know or where to start to look. This forum is about helping with that too!