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Magic value list & auto-complete

Question asked by justinc on Jan 8, 2016

I'm trying to implement a Magic Value List (as described Magic Value Lists | FileMakerHacks, and based on both the demo files from Andries and John Ahn).  I was hoping to use 'auto-complete...' but it is grayed out in the Inspector panel for this object.  Is it impossible to use with MVL?


However, I have noted that the drop-down list will auto-SELECT an item if you have the list open and start typing.  What you type doesn't show up in the field itself, but it does start selecting an item based on what you type in.  So it seems to have the capability to do this function when using an MVL.  (We want it to auto-complete because it seems more natural for users to start typing into the field.  AND this system allows for alternate values to be entered - but not using the 'allow other entries' function of the widget itself.  There's a script trigger that fires and if the entered value is new it will add a record in another table for it.  The MVL pulls from this other table, doing some fancy filtering - hence why we aren't using a specific relation.)


--  Justin