Container Fields FMS v14

Discussion created by user24983 on Jan 7, 2016
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I have successfully imported from a URL link an excel CSV file into a local storage container field on the hosted FMServer, but the next step i require is to be able to import the same CSV file into the DB itself to populate the DB fields but it will not locate the file even though i have clearly stated where its location the local storage container.


I can see it there physically so it does download from the URL when i log onto the server but when it comes to importing the CSV fields it will not find it.


Any suggestions? I have seen several post re the relocation of the container storage folder but i cannot even change the additional path folders to validate.... do i have to do this first or can i just relocate the storage containers folder to somewhere on the local drive


Do i need a holding file/records to import to? before committing the import on the actual DB file??,