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    Email Function


      I'm having issues with my email function.


      When i run it WITH a dialog, it runs smooth.


      When i run it with OUT the dialog, it gives this "unknown error". The debugger stops on the email itself.


      I'm sending out 30 or so email, it only stops on a few. I don't see any similarities.


      I've carefully checked where it gets the email from, and that there is an email in there. Its all good.


      Any ideas?

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          I think you have trouble with the previous step - save to PDF. Check the pdfs are created for the emails that failed.


          If it is not the case - compare the email addresses which fail with the ones which do not. May be some invisible characters or <..name..>  part copied when you copy and paste from the address book.

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            It is likely that the PDF is being created OK, but the system OS has not caught up with the fact. Try adding a brief pause in the script between the Save Records and Send Mail steps.

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              Good idea from keywords, a pause also will definitely show where you get the error.

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                I've done a lot of email solutions.  The FM default email script step is not very stable for large volumes, is not very fast, does not support multiple attachment and does not support HTML formatting.  Problems like you are having occasionally happen with the FM script step.  It does meet the needs of many light duty projects or notifications and may be all you need.  But I can tell you my experience with several mail plugins (360Works Mail, CNS, MBS) and all of them have been more full featured and faster than FM's script step.  I have clients that do a LOT of emails (hundreds of thousands sometimes).  Doing this with FM script step frequently falters when doing thousands of emails and is very slow and cannot do things like keep a mail connection open to the SMTP server (e.g., FM's script step opens and closes connection every time making it very slow).  The FM script step may be all you need, but just be aware that with plugins, you can do a lot more reliably.  Most of my clients do all of the emails with PSoS and only the server needs the mail plugin.  FYI, my favorite email plugin is 360 Works Mail plugin, but CNS seems to be simpler and requires less tinkering.  MBS is just a big tool set that does so much more than just email and email is only one of about 3000 functions on it.  MBS is also the most complex to use of the ones I've used.  But getting MBS frequently solves a lot more needs than just email.