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Excel import formats

Question asked by bowdlerb on Jan 8, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2016 by nicolai

Part of my work is to develop standard Excel 2013 and/or 2016 Workbooks for calculations of insurance premiums and ultimately insurance document production, all which works very well.  To obtain this level of ease of production there are many macros which make the work of the Technicians as simple as possible.

I have a Client where I would like to introduce FileMaker so that all their Quotations can be imported and then used as a Firm Order tracking system and produce other documents based on the imported and updated data.

As the main Premium Rating file is saved as a macro enable Template having an ".xltm" extension, the files then used for each client should be saved as a macro-enabled Workbook having an ".xlsm" extension as the Technician will have to revisit the Workbook to use other functions which involve the use of macros during the course of the insurance period.

It would appear that the only extension currently available in FileMaker for the import of Excel file information is ".xlsx" which obviously is not currently supported.

Surely, I cannot be the only person who uses a macro-enabled workbook and requires to import its data.  Yes, I know the file can be re-saved as an ".xlsx" file but this is a backward step particularly when attempting to convince a new client to consider using FileMaker.

As this importation is a vast part of the proposed tracking process, I would be pleased to hear from anyone else who has a similar problem and any suggestions.