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Trying to make a client refusing date fields but only showing 1 character on days frm 1-9

Question asked by hunterkilla on Jan 8, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2016 by hunterkilla

Im trying to make a client reference which is unique and based on the following 


2 digit year

2 digit month

2 digit day

Client 2 initials


So jan 1 this year with persons initial of JH should be   160101JH, however when it displays it, it comes up as 1611JH. We want to be able to workout the exact day from this ref rather than having to sit and work out is it jan 11 or nov 1.


I can make the event date field on a layout an control how it is show but as soon as I want to do another field, creating a calculation as follows


ClientRefDate = Right (EventDate;2) & Month (EventDate) & Day (EventDate) & (Customers::Initials)


Any ideas on how to do it this way or is there an easier way to do it.  I then take the new field and save the pdf files as this name so need t be able to set the field properly.