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Getting Record Counts from the Toolbar to show on Layout

Question asked by sumaschu on Jan 8, 2016
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Hello All!


Having trouble with grabbing the correct values for record counts.  All the data needed for the layout is contained in one table called "Entrance".  Have used the Find function to get just the records needed.  The Toolbar actually shows the values I need to put on the Layout.  Using the sample screen below:


Need to show on the Layout (because when the Layout gets printed, the record counts are needed on the printout) the record numbers of the Found Sets.  So, for example from the above screenshot, need to show literally "1 of 2 records" (see the red boxes) on the Layout itself.  The other record in the Found Set would have "2 of 2 records".  The count is of the Found Sets using the foreign key "Sister_ID".  Each "Sister_ID" can have multiple entries within the "Entrance" table.  The primary key is "DoE_ID" for the "Entrance" table.


There is probably a very obvious way to show this data.  Have tried using calculated and summary fields, including and excluding SelfJoin tables, to calculate the correct values and have exhausted my knowledge of these tools.  Tried searching other discussions similar to this topic, but haven't found anything that helps out.  It doesn't seem like it would be that hard, but it sure has me stumped. :-(


Thanks in advance for your help!!

Mark <><