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Signature strip image or alternative

Question asked by aetherington on Jan 8, 2016
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Good morning all.


We currently have a set of about 12 different letters that contain container fields for customers signatures.  This is working great and doing what is needed.   We recently started renting units out and the paperwork provided contains 2 images that the customer needs to mark down damage on receipt.


I am trying to avoid having to print this sheet out, and my original idea was to use a container field, set its background to the diagram image, and hope that it appears on the background of the signature object but this does not appear to be the case.   Does any one have any way that we would be able to set an image or do something similar?


On a side note, when tapping the container field on the iPad it comes up with multiple options for that field, is it possible to limit it to just signatures?


Thank you!