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    stymied by simple value list


      I'm sure I'll kick myself tomorrow for asking this today.


      I have a need for a very simple value list: two items, the current year and the previous year.  (As of last week, the items need to be 2015 and 2016; come next January, they must be 2016 and 2017.)  Filemaker gives lots of tools to create  a list, but few that let me use it for a radio button set -- no way to script the creation of a named value list.  A virtual list seems like overkill.  It would be simple enough to hard-code and change once a year, and that's beginning to look like the best answer.   Perhaps someone here can help me set my sights on that one tree --- all I see right now is the forest.

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          Ah!  Simple.  All it took was another cup of coffee.


          The answer is to use a different value list for the radio buttons; for my purposes, { 0 ; 1 } does nicely.  The buttons are labeled with merge variables $$thisYear and $$lastYear.  An OnObjectModify trigger sets the value of the field to


          $$lastYear + g_boolean


          where g_boolean is the radio button.