Export records to Excel with singe ‘totals’ row

Discussion created by Abingdon on Jan 9, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2016 by Abingdon

I am wondering if there is an elegant way to export records to an Excel file but have the total(s) for each field (column) show on the final row of the exported file.  i.e. by not exporting a summary field which always appears as an extra column.


Reason being, I have a database that regularly exports thousands of records with the user then having to put the Excel Autosum calc in manually at the foot of each column. Mistakes can be made doing this and I would rather have Filemaker do it rather than a user.

I have managed to do this with a script (see sample file), but it does seem one hell of a hack, even to me!

Just wondering if anyone has a better solution?


Many thanks as always.