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Discussion created by DanielShanahan on Jan 10, 2016
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[Note - this was originally posted in the Suggest an Idea section.  Mark Baum thought it should go in the Provide Feedback section.  I think Mark is correct, so I've moved it here and deleted the post in Suggest an Idea.  Sorry for any confusion.]


This idea began with a Discussion thread by efficientbizz.


It would be great to have the Filemaker Community user profile contain more information such as:

• Available for projects.

• Available for sub-contracting.

• Portfolio of work


There are times when I've needed a sub-contractor and I've used Craigslist and LinkedIn.  I'd rather search for people here in the forum.  That way I could search on people looking for sub-contract work and  read their posts.  And if there was a portfolio section, I could check out their work.  Could be very useful.