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    Installing Filemaker Pro package does not finish


      I am trying to install Filemaker Pro 14 Advanced for the first time in my Mac. Computer has the non advanced version of Filemaker 13 and trial version of Filemaker 14 installed.


      I have tried with two separate downloads of the software.


      Both of them get stuck when clicking "Filemkaer Pro 14 Advanced.pkg" - only message I get is the dialog which says "Verifying "Filemaker Pro 14 Advanced.pkg". Even after waiting several days they do not finish.


      I have 3 year old iMac 27 with maximum configuration and a new Fusion drive (SSD+normal drive combined) with the latest version of Mac OS X installed.


      What should I do to get the install to finish...

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          Thank you for your post.


          You should not have to wait "several days".  It appears the download was not complete or damaged.  Please download a fresh copy.  Once downloaded, reboot the Mac to make sure no other applications are running.  Then, install FileMaker Pro Advanced.


          If you continue to encounter problems installing, please contact our Technical Support department.  If you are located in North America, call toll-free 800-325-2747.  Outside of North America, contact the FileMaker office nearest you.  There are no charges for installation issues.



          FileMaker, Inc.