Plug in folder problem in 14 and 10

Discussion created by disabled_JackRodgers on Jan 9, 2016

After waiting a long time, I finally updated to Windows 10. Actually I tried 3 times and Windows failed each time.


I am impressed by the new look in FileMaker and it also seems to be running smoother that v4 kinda helps.


Anyway, I had stored my plugins inside a folder that I created on my desktop. I dropped this inside the proper folder, the one that FileMaker uses in that hidden place and FileMaker began refusing to open. When I removed the folder I had manually inserted, FileMaker decided to open itself once again.


So, I wrote a script using the info in the help file and used that script to install the plugins from inside a container file.


FileMaker created the need folder to hold them, the were turned on and they worked.


You shouldn't fool with mother nature...


Don't know if this will help anyone, but there it is.