Help with GetThumbnail or automatic thumbnails for video.

Discussion created by JavierVelazquez on Jan 10, 2016
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Hello all.

I upgraded sometime ago to FMP Advanced 14 and I am beating myself all over...

I had a database that showed thumbnail for videos in container fields (using the 'poster frame') in FM 12 and it has been broken since in FM 13 and FM 14.

OK, videos don't play in portals but I replaced the functionality with popover buttons. But it is very annoying that for a video you only get a quicktime icon instead of the poster frame. Especially when you have 100's of videos to search through and you have no clue as to what is in each.

I got GetThumbnail to work with pictures but not with videos. Any help?

Filemaker's own Content Management Starter Solution doesn't manage (pun intended) to create a thumbnail for videos...

I thought it was a question of uninstalling the 64 bit version and reinstalling the 32 version but that doesn't help.

I am in windows 7 64 and an old stand alone solution still shows the thumbnail (and allows you to play the movie)


While I am no great programmer I can't see why it worked in FM12 and now is broken, a simple Finder/Explorer window manages to pull the poster frame from a video...


I have tried all sort of combinations... also different opimizations for the container field...


Any help would be greatly appreciated so I can keep the hair I have left.