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Make catalog database searchable

Question asked by lonniepoet on Jan 11, 2016
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Using one of the FMP templates as a base, I altered it in order to create a printable catalog (PDF) for my customer. I am an extreme novice to FMP and have been following tutorials and examples online for tips, but I am starting to get stumped. My customer would like to be able to take what I have and make it "searchable." They'd like to be able to search for let’s say all units with “PMS 669M Plum” and pull all entries with this Color. However, I can’t figure this step out. I am going to read more tutorials, but I am also sending this info to you to see if you’re interested in working on this as well. I attached the spreadsheet I used to import all the data and there are a couple of links below for the larger FMP files and photos I used. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.