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Creating a file for Roommate Assignments

Question asked by avgraphics on Jan 11, 2016
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I have two tables - Rooms and Attendees - a one to many relationship.

This should be really easy, but I'm having a tough time with it -

I need to assign 2 attendees to each double sleeping room at a conference as well as single room occupancy     .

Here are the fields included the Rooms Table.


RoomType (Single or Double drop-down list)



[I want to use a Drop Down List of the Name field from the Attendees Table, in the Rooms Table - but the name disappears when I go to the next Record.]

Here are (some of) the fields in the Attendees Table:




Room Type


Should I create a third new table called Roomates (and remove the Name1 and Name2 fields from the Rooms Table
to make all the relationships work?

Third Table - Roommates Field




(Still need a dropdown list to enter the names so I don't enter data twice).


I've spent several hours on this, studying Cris's movies...Feeling really dumb.

Can anyone help me figure this out please?