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    Conversion issues from .fp7 to .fmp12


      I've been using Filemaker for the more than 15 years and I am stumped why I am having conversion issues. I've been using FileMaker Pro 11 (with extension fp7) for several years now on my iMac with OS Snow Leopard.


      Now I have updated my iMac to OS El Capitan and got FMP 14.02.


      When I convert my files to the new FMP is gives me an error message : File conversion could be completed. This file seems to be damaged.


      In the conversion log - there is an error code 805.


      Luckily, I have another Mac and checked the file in FMP 11 - everything works and nothing is damaged. Now I am at a lost. It is a simple database with nothing complicated in it. All I wanted is to convert it properly.


      Any idea how I can troubleshoot it?