Changing one file in a multiple-file served database

Discussion created by ender on Jan 12, 2016
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This is probably a very simple question, but I'm not finding a clear-cut answer for my situation that I fully understand: Can I make changes to a COPY of ONE file of a multi-file served database, and then upload only that file? Or does that disturb what I've read are "hard links" Filemaker creates between files when performing backups?


We have:

- a served database solution (FMS13 on Mac OS) of 18 served files, about 1.4 GB.

- It is a legacy system updated several times (originally from FMP5, I believe).

- We have frequent scheduled backups using FMS. We do not use Filemaker Go.

- The database is mission critical.


On my own Mac desktop, I have a copy of a backup from about a week ago.

- I copied the complete backup folder with all 18 files.

- I have been making extensive changes to one file of the 18 (scripts, layouts, a few new fields), and testing with existing data. (I am not using a clone, I have a copy with data.)

- This file has some relationships to the other served files.

- It has only one table (although in the future I will have to edit files with multiple tables.)


When finished with the changes, I had planned to import current data for this file (on an evening when no one is using the database) into my changed copy, and then upload that single file to the server, (I then will have to make small online changes to two of the other served files.)


Is this a safe and practical approach, or am I looking at something much more involved in order to keep all 18 files "synced" and avoid corruption?


My experience with FM Server is basic setup, and a couple of times when the server crashed I served a recent backup--uploading ALL files from that backup. .


Thank you.