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Please help with setting up a proof of concept

Question asked by hongman on Jan 11, 2016
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Hi All


I am completely new to Filemaker and I am trying to get a POC set up for a new job asap. The business sector I am aiming for is a sub con company which sells labour. The guy I am doing this for is struggling with a paper system to keep track of where all the guys are on a daily basis, so I am trying to set something up which will enable him to digitise all of his men, all sites, and finally tie those together to log which men are on which job on which days.


I have loads more ideas but for now just the basics.


I have:


1. Operative List - Pretty much a contact list of Operatives

2. Site List - A database of Project Site details, such as Name, Project Reference, Client, Operatives Assigned, etc.


I am trying to tie these two together into a 3rd file, a tracker of sorts.


So far I hav these fields:



Operative - Drop down list of Operatives the Operative List table

Site - Drop down list of Sites from the Site List Table

Time Arrive

Time Left

Total Hours x1

Total Hours x1.5

Total Hours x2

Grant Total Hours - (Calculation of the above 3)

Tasks Completed - Check box

Notes - text box

Attached Files


The idea is the timesheets the men hand in are entered here so we can easily track the relevant metrics.


Questions are:


Is there a way I can make it so they can attach multiple files in one go into one container?


How would I go abotu creating a report so that we can see for example, in a week/month period what sites Joe Bloggs has been on each day and for how long?


Thanks in advance